Road To Now

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Season 1
Natural disasters causing death and destruction are intensifying as the earth's climate changes, leaving billions of people in harm's way.
Globalisation, technology and the spread of economic power from West to East have profoundly changed the world of money.
Why are walls of steel and razor wire going up in Europe and the US? And, what happened to the international commitment to give refugees asylum? (Final)
The quest for personal and political freedoms has shaped much of the past thirty years so why is 'democracy in retreat?'
History is sometimes determined by individual leaders as much as by nations. We look to heroes for inspiration and guidance, but too often they disappoint with their all-too-human flaws.
Every century in human history has been marked by conflicts. Yet we began this age with something different - a joyous celebration of freedom in Berlin in 1989 that led to the collapse of the Soviet Union.