Rob & Chyna

September 2019

Episode 6 (Paternity or Eternity)

29 x
With the Kardashian's urging, Rob reluctantly agrees to therapy; Chyna pursues a paternity test for her unborn child.

Episode 4 (Bonding and Bondage)

31 x
Rob attempts to reconnect with old friends with Scott; Chyna and Rob build their relationship.

Episode 3 (Going Down to Chyna-town)

15 x
Rob learns to cope with life in the spotlight; Rob and Chyna attend Khloe's birthday party; the couple meets Chyna's family; Chyna visits the club where she started.

Episode 2 (Rob'ing the Cradle)

12 x
Scott helps Rob overcome his insecurities; Chyna experiences self-doubt while on a trip.

Episode 1 (Are You Still Texting B#@tches?)

34 x
Rob and Chyna plan their new lives together as parents until suspicions on both sides lead to Rob moving out.