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Rookie Blue

Goody cop Andy must break protocol in order to gain the trust of an abuse victim who has been let down by the system. Meanwhile, the other rookies duke it out for a cause at “Fite Nite".

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Season 1
As the other rookies hunt for an escaped convict, Swarek lets Andy in on his past undercover exploits and together they chase down a missing informant in danger, and sparks fly.
Triumph turns to humiliation when a high-stakes takedown goes awry upon the revelation that rookie copper Andy McNally has just busted one of her own, ruining an integral undercover sting.
When an untimely arrest by Andy and Chris compromises a major drug bust, Andy steps up to try and salvage the bust by going undercover. But a change in plans puts both their lives in danger.
It’s time for performance assessments, aka Judgement Day, for the rookies as they find out the fate of their careers. But will Andy turn in her badge before Staff Sergeant Frank can have his say?
Andy’s father, Tommy, has confessed that he may have committed a serious crime during one of his alcohol-induced blackouts, and Andy is faced with the possibility of sending her father to prison.
Tensions are at an all time high between Andy and Swarek but they must put their feelings aside when a botched prisoner transport has them in a cat-and-mouse game to catch the fugitive.
On the scene of a messy highway accident, Chris and Gail stumble upon a car that has a license plate matched to an Amber Alert for a nine-year-old girl.
Andy and Chris investigate a vicious nightclub beating, but when all clues point to a cop, both are left with a gut-wrenching decision that will test their loyalties to the force.
A stifling heat wave has wreaked havoc on the city, multiplied by growing fears of a serial rapist on the loose. Amid the chaos, a sudden blackout forces Andy to take down a vicious predator – alone.
A fatal traffic collision reveals a shocking truth, and Andy’s romance with Det. Luke Callaghan gets complicated when they disagree over the handling of a witness in a murder case.
A home invasion in an upscale neighbourhood calls out all the rookies, but once the scene is cleared, it is Andy who is left unaccompanied and confronted with a hiding thief who is armed and volatile.
Andy trades in her uniform for something risqué when she goes undercover as a prostitute. Tensions run high when Dov puts an informant’s life in jeopardy and it’s up to Andy to infiltrate a gun deal.