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S1 Ep4 - Dave Hughes 24:36

S1 Ep4 - Dave Hughes

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Dave Hughes - Well-known celebrities join host Paul McDermott to talk about their pet hates. In this episode, Dave Hughes, one of Australia’s best known and most loved comedians, joins Paul McDermott on Room 101. The man famous for his good natured grumbling discusses all the things that ...
S1 Ep1 23:26

S1 Ep1

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Julia Zemiro - This brand new comedy interview show, hosted by Paul McDermott, sees celebrity guests discuss their pet hates, the things that really wind them up, with Paul in the hopes that he will banish them to the ‘Room 101 vault’ forever. In the first episode, multi-talented perform...
S1 Ep1 24:16

S1 Ep1

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Ray Martin - Paul McDermott is joined by Australian TV legend, the journalist and author Ray Martin. Ray wants Paul to banish parking inspectors, small dogs and the Australian Flag, and for Ray ‘life’s too short to waste it on going to the Opera’ not to mention his annoyance at people wh...
S1 Ep10 24:28

S1 Ep10

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Nazeem Hussain - The star of the SBS hit series 'Legally Brown', Nazeem Hussain, joins host Paul McDermott on Room 101. Nazeem not only pushes the boundaries of political incorrectness but also shares some very personal gripes. Whether it’s his pet hate of mirrors in gyms and his ‘skinny ...
S1 Ep9 24:13

S1 Ep9

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Vince Colosimo - Joining Paul McDermott tonight is award-winning actor Vince Colosimo. He’s menacing and mesmerising. He’s been Gino and Vinnie, Nick Daniels, Neville Bartos and Alphonse Gangitano. For once playing himself, Vince, tries role-playing and yelling, as well as the occasional ...
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