Royal Pains

December 2017

Sun 17 Apr, season 7 episode 8

352 x
Evan and Paige are excited about their upcoming adoption, but Evan worries Paige may be growing too close to the teenage birth mother, Elan. Divya grows concerned about her grandmother.

Sun 10 Apr, season 7 episode 7

77 x
Hank helps prep Boris' patient, Rinpoche - an important and young Tibetan monk - for an upcoming surgery, but Hank soon discovers that Rinpoche may be sicker than he first thought.

Sun 3 Apr, season 7 episode 6

41 x
After Evan uncovers Boris' secret plan for a patient of international import, Boris is forced to include him in his machinations, but Evan may be getting in over his head.

Sun 27 Mar, season 7 episode 5

59 x
Hank travels to New York with Olympia for a romantic getaway and conference in the city.

Sun 20 Mar, season 7 episode 4

42 x
While trying to get pregnant, Paige learns about a young teenager named Elan giving her unborn baby up for adoption and gets excited about the prospect of adopting.
November 2017

Sun 28 Feb, season 7 episode 1

70 x
Hank decides he wants a permanent relationship with Charlotte, but does she feel the same?
September 2017

Season 8 Episode 8

66 x
In the series finale of Royal Pains, summer finally comes to an end as everyone begins to move on.

Season 8 Episode 7

48 x
A special episode where Hank reconciles Eddie and Evan, befriends a theatre legend, all to the cast singing and dancing.

Season 8 Episode 6

41 x
When Hank starts house hunting, he meets a new patient who believes she has a hereditary illness.

Season 8, Episode 5

44 x
Keller starts feeling his age when Hank treats him for possible heart issues. Paige and Evan deal with the side effects, both physical and emotional, of in vitro fertilisation.

Season 8, Episode 4

37 x
Hank takes a shift at the ER to help an overwhelmed Evan. Jill returns to the Hamptons, but the reunion is interrupted when a doctor travelling with her displays dangerous symptoms.
August 2017

Season 8, Episode 3

40 x
Hank accompanies Boris to Hong Kong, where he falls into a whirlwind romance with a medical researcher while helping track down the Hamptons Heritage hacker.

Season 8, Episode 2

33 x
While Evan deals with the aftermath of the cyber-attack on Hamptons Heritage, Hank treats a stunt woman working on a supposedly cursed film. Meanwhile, Jeremiah's parents come to town.

Season 8, Episode 1

95 x
While preparing for Eddie's wedding, Hank treats a workaholic politician. Divya helps Jeremiah to resume working with patients. Paige and Evan start preparing to conceive.
March 2016

Sun 13 Mar, season 7 episode 3

32 x
Evan settles into his role as interim hospital administrator of Hamptons Heritage and creates a vlog to update his staff. Meanwhile, Paige oversees renovations on their new home.

Sun 6 Mar, season 7 episode 2

41 x
After their pregnancy scare, Evan and Paige decide they're ready to start a family. However, a decision from Evan's past comes back to haunt him - and fears he may already have children of his own.
December 2015

Tue 29 Dec, season 6 episode 13

45 x
Hank and Evan are worried about Emma having left the Hamptons, until a call from an unexpected source. Jeremiah and Divya run into Viviana after her immigration hearing.

Sun 27 Dec, season 6 episode 12

62 x
Hank and Evan worry that Emma's in over her head in the Hamptons after discovering she stole Hank's prescription pad. Paige and Evan decide to follow Emma to keep an eye on her.

Sun 20 Dec, season 6 episode 11

211 x
Sun 20 Dec, season 6 episode 11 of Royal Pains was broadcast by Seven on Monday 21 December 2015 at 0:37.

Tue 15 Dec, season 6 episode 10

25 x
Paige convinces Russel that he needs to return the priceless items he's stolen from clients' homes and in the process they meet Wendy, a maid who was fired because of him.