Russia: A Journey With Jonathan Dimbleby


S1 Ep5

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Far From Moscow - Jonathan embarks on the final leg of his journey, starting out from Siberia's Lake Baikal, where he meets a local shaman and visits a holy site. Tracing the original route of the Trans-Siberian railway, Jonathan travels to Chita near the Chinese border to see how gold mining has transformed the area. His final stop is Vladivostok, where he takes the time to reflect on his experiences. (From the UK, in English and Russian) (Documentary Series) (Final) (Rpt) PG CC

S1 Ep4

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National Treasures - Jonathan heads to Siberia in search of Russia's rich natural resources. First he explores an emerald mine before making his way to the historic mining city of Ekaterinburg, the place where the last Russian Tsar and his family were wiped out by the Bolsheviks. In the Arctic Circle, he visits an oil drilling town, home to thousands of migrants seeking employment, before journeying to Akademgorodok, a purpose-built city for some of the greatest minds in the country. (From the ...

S1 Ep3

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Motherland - As his journey across Russia continues, Jonathan is led to consider why the celebration of military history has become such an important part of Soviet culture. Following the course of the River Volga, Jonathan encounters an abandoned prison for political dissidents of the socialist era, and visits the city of Samara, where the May 9 Victory Day festivities double as annual army conscription drives. His final stop is in the Ural Mountains, the boundary between Europe and Asia. (Fro...

S1 Ep2

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Country Matters - Heading for the countryside south of Moscow, Jonathan visits the family estate of Leo Tolstoy, arguably the greatest of all Russian writers. Further south he comes to the reality of farming in Russia today, where families struggle to survive after the ending of state subsidies. In the spa town of Pyatigorsk, Jonathan decides to sample the warm sulphur springs, before his route takes him past Beslan, where 331 people died, over half of them children. (From the UK, in English an...

S1 Ep1

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Breaking the Ice - Jonathan Dimbleby sets out to rediscover the close bond once shared by Britain and Russia as he explores 16,000 kilometres of one of the world's most awe-inspiring countries. Jonathan begins his journey in Murmansk, in the far north-west corner of Russia, before heading to the shores of the White Sea and the earliest signs of human habitation. From there he travels to the sophisticated elegance of St Petersburg and then on to Novgorod and Moscow. (From the UK) (Documentary Se...