15. Fallen

3.0 30 x
The SWAT team pursues a group of unknown assailants responsible for a patrol officer's death. Chris reels from the revelation that she knew the patrol officer who was killed.

6. Never Again

3.0 29 x
The S.W.A.T. team tries to determine the next diamond dealer to be robbed by a group of highly organized thieves executing heists across downtown Los Angeles.

7. Inheritance

3.0 6 x
A group seems to be reenacting the 1974 Patty Hearst kidnapping, with nearly identical demands of feeding the poor and corporations being better to people.

4. Saving Face

4.0 21 x
Hondo suspects an ulterior motive when his romantic interest's estranged husband requests the team's help in apprehending a fugitive, who is robbing drug cargo shipments.

3. Fire And Smoke

4.0 15 x
Deputy District Attorney Nia Wells enlists the team to protect the jurors of a high-profile bribery trial after some of them are targeted by organized crime in a series of fire-bombings.

2. Gasoline Drum

4.0 14 x
The team works with a former member to find a woman and her son who are running from an international drug cartel.

1. Shaky Town

4.5 23 x
An earthquake hits Los Angeles while the team is engaged in a standoff with human traffickers holding child hostages; Jim Street has trouble adjusting to his new life as a patrol officer.
Episodes 2019

22. Hoax

3.0 28 x
A fake 911 call puts the team on the hunt to stop bombing attacks; Jim's relationship with his mother jeopardizes his career; Jessica is thrown a curve ball by the police commission president.

21. Hunted

4.0 16 x
Hondo and Deacon must apply all their SWAT training and skills to evade a gang of armed mercenaries hunting them in the Angeles Mountain following an ambush.

20. Vendetta

4.0 16 x
The life of Hondo and his career are threatened when his off-the-books surveillance of his godson's kidnapper is discovered; Jim has trouble acclimating to his newly paroled mother.