Sacred Wonders Of Britain

February 2016

S1 Ep2

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Neil Oliver goes in search of Bronze and Iron Age sites that were sacred to ancient Britons, with water seen not just as a source of life, but also of reverence. At Flag Fen near Peterborough he discovers a vast ancient causeway built across the fens, with sacred objects placed among its timbers. Neil travels to Anglesey, where swords, precious artefacts and even a slave chain were ritually deposited. Moving on to Bath and its sacred spring, Neil discovers an early version of the habit of throw...

S1 Ep1

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Neil Oliver goes on a journey to reveal the sacred face of Britain, an ancient landscape of belief and ritual that still lies hidden just below the surface of the modern world. In the first episode, Neil is in search of the very first stirrings of religion in Britain. In the south of England and on the Scottish borders great tombs are evidence of ancestor worship among the first farmers of the Neolithic and an extraordinary discovery in Herefordshire reveals what really lies beneath their buria...