Sara's Australia Unveiled


Season 1 Episode 1 - Northern Territory: Darwin

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Sara La Fountain starts her exploration to the Northern Terrirtory in Darwin. She enjoys the cities ethnic nature, tastes Australian food influenced by Asian and Greek flavours, and finds exciting ingredients at local markets. Surrounded by the pristine Indian Ocean and with countless sweet waters nearby, Darwin is an oasi...
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Season 1 Episode 9 - Sara's Favourites

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This episode is all about Sara's favourites during her journey. Melbourne melted her heart, so her first item on the favourites list is enjoying one of the city's most beautiful beach - Brighton. As she is thrilled with local fruit and fresh greens, she enjoys the beach with a former local fashion model Raelene. And of cou...

Season 1 Episode 8 - Victoria

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Victoria is not just the area around Melbourne but a diverse and most opulent territory filled with destinations on and off the map. Melbourne being the culinary mecca of Australia, its surrounding are also filled with destinations superb for a foodie like Sara.

Season 1 Episode 7 - Victoria: Southern Melting Pot

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After touring the outback, Sara arrives at her final destination - Melbourne. She tours the city and ends up at the famous Vic marker and gets lost for hours talking to the sellers and curiously tasting all that is on offer. Sara explores the city and ends up finding definite ‘to do’ items that are only known by locals a b...

Season 1 Episode 6 - Western Australia: More Than Meets The Eye

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Wishing to gain an insight to Broome, Sara meets up with a local blogger Katinka, who takes her on a Broome tour. Learning about the mutlicultural history of Broome, Sara is excited to know more and invites Neville, one of the last remaining pearl divers to MacAlpine house. Sara and Neville cook together a ‘lugger’ brunch,...

Season 1 Episode 5 - Western Australia: Driving In The Dustry Kimberley

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Sara drives to East Kimberley, soaking in the unforgettable scenery of the Cockburn Range mountains. She makes a stop on her dusty road trip to hike to Emma Gorge's waterfall. This series is all about adventure, so Sara makes her first true river crossing driving a jeep through the flooding Pentecost River.

Season 1 Episode 4 - Western Australia: Broome

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Sara arrives at the busy airport of Broome and is welcomed by the sunny WA weather. Broome is famous for Cable Beach, and is full of hidden treasures Sara aims to discover. She decides to stay at the MacAlpine house, an award-winning boutique rereat. MacAlpine house is a curious heritage building, originally built for a pe...

Season 1 Episode 3 - Northern Territory: Tranquil And Adrenaline Outback

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Cooking on fire is a part of outback life, and ladies from Murumburr tribe teach Sara their traditional ways of cooking. A love for food and pride in cooking joins Sara and the tribal ladies together for a great moment of sharing and tasting.

Season 1 Episode 2 - Northern Territory: Connecting With The Country

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Sara starts her journey into the outback, and she drives to the Kakadu region. As she is passionate about the Aboriginal culture, she starts her journey to Kakadu with a bush tucker walkabout, learning about local bush foods and herbs.
Episodes 2017

Season 2016, Episode 9

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Join chef Sara La Fountain as she travels across Australia experiencing the nature, culture, people, local produce and of course meets real Australian's from mountain horsemen to culinary geniuses.