Sarah Graham: Food Safari

January 2021

Ep5 - Sheila's Dinner

3.0 4 x
The family visit is drawing to a close but there is still one person to catch up with. Sarah heads off to meet Sheila - a Safari Camp chef for over 20 years. Sheila is famous for her beaming smile and amazingly happy disposition - she's also an amazing cook and Sarah loves learning about local ingredients and recipes from ...

Ep4 - Volunteer Dinner

4.0 1 x
Sarah visits Antelope Park where she welcomes new volunteers with a delicious feast including ricotta bruschetta with balsamic mushrooms, and freshly caught fish with lemon and herb butter.

Ep3 - Bush Walk And Breakfast

3.0 2 x
After a sunrise walking safari - one of her favourite things to do in the world - Sarah whips up a scrumptious bush breakfast for her family before she heads out to meet with the conservation volunteer team and see for herself the progress made with the Lion Conservation Project.

Ep2 - Fig Tree

3.0 3 x
'Figtree' is one of Sarah's favourite spots - dominated by a particularly majestic wild fig tree. It's an obvious choice for the location for that evening's dinner. Arriving on elephant back in the late afternoon, Sarah's guests experience a spectacular feast under starry skies.

Ep1 - Home-Coming

4.0 5 x
It is to the haven of tranquillity that is Antelope Park that Sarah and her family return after far too long. Before a quick lake-side brunch with her Mum and Dad, Sarah heads off to see the newest additions to the Lion Rehabilitation Centre. Growing up, Sarah was often camping in various corners of the Reserve.