Sex And Sensibility

September 2015

S1 Ep3

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Vienna - In a story that combines scandal and revolution, journalist Stephen Smith explores how Vienna's artists rebelled against the establishment in the late 19th century and brought their own highly-sexed version of Art Nouveau to the banks of the Danube. Looking at the work of Gustav Klimt and others, Smith discovers t...

S1 Ep2

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Britain - Britain's Art Nouveau heritage is revealed as journalist Stephen Smith unearths the bright, controversial but brief career of Aubrey Beardsley. He also explores some of the lesser known stars of the British movement, including the stunning work of Mary Watts and the massive influence of department store entrepren...

S1 Ep1

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Paris - Correspondent Stephen Smith explores the various manifestations of the Parisian Art Nouveau movement amid its brief explosion from the 1890s through to the First World War. Excessively ornate, but also shockingly modern and sensual for the period, the artists who pioneered the movement include Lalique, Beardsley, K...