Sex Box


Season 2, Episode 1

4.7 124 x
A student prepares to lose her lesbian virginity by getting a master class in oral sex. And Goedele coaches a young couple in erotic massage.
Episodes 2016

Season 2, Episode 4

4.0 317 x
Goedele Liekens gives guidance to partners trying out bondage & explains why she thinks women like to be tied up. She also helps a gay couple pep up their foreplay.

Season 2, Episode 3

4.7 156 x
Goedele coaches an adventurous couple on making their sex life more intimate. She also explains coital alignment technique and shows a woman how to take control in bed.

Season 2, Episode 2

4.2 100 x
Goedele sets up a blind date for two volunteers who share a fantasy of trying no-strings sex. She also gives expert tips on erotic spanking and a tour of a Kama Sutra chair.
Episodes 2014

Episode of July 18, 2014

Expired 3.3 1,985 x
Sex Box is a new sex talk show with a difference; a panel discussion about the real sex lives of people with one exceptional twist. In a unique television format inspired by the work of sex researchers, three couples will do what comes naturally – have sex – and then talk about it afterwards - whilst the feelings and sensa...