Shahs Of Sunset


Episode 7 (Mo-Cedes, Mo Problems)

3.0 17 x
The group gathers on a yacht; GG struggles to pull a launch party together; Asa, Reza and Mike start having doubts about Lilly.

Episode 4 (You Shouldn't Have Worn That Dress)

3.0 11 x
Asa brings her celebrity boyfriend lunch on the job; Mike struggles to tell his parents about his new job; Reza and MJ are forced to confront their feelings.

Episode 6 (Old Friends New Problems)

3.0 9 x
Romantic tension runs between Mike and GG; Sammy and MJ set each other up on a double blind date; MJ confronts her mother.

Episode 5 (The Shahs of Great Neck)

3.0 10 x
GG vents to her sister about Asa and MJ; Reza goes to Long Island to confront his father and discovers shocking family history.

Episode 4 (Waiting for MJ)

4.0 17 x
Mohamed comes back from vacation and evaluated Sammy's work; Asa feels pressure with her image; MJ shows up late for GG's parents 40th anniversary.

Episode 3 (Champagne Wars)

4.0 12 x
GG faces the consequences; Mike gets a new real estate listing; Reza throws a Champagne tasting party.

Episode 2 (It's My Birthday Bitches)

3.0 12 x
GG and MJ's gossiping with Anita causes tempers to flair and threaten Reza's 38th birthday party in Las Vegas.