Short Cuts To Glory

May 2019

Season 1 Episode 6 - Fast Food

3.0 0 x
Fast food doesn’t have to be bad food. Gregory Llewellyn, Bernard Chu, and Dan Hong each show Matt that a last-minute pasta, an instant ‘cake in a mug’, and pimped two minute noodles can all be whipped up in a flash. Lillia McCabe and Matt take a closer look at pots and saucepans, whilst Alice Zaslavsky shows you how best ...

Season 1 Episode 5 - Meat Feast

4.0 0 x
Matt lives the caveman dream with meat experts Hayden Quinn, Jill Dupleix, and Anthony Puharich, cooking up pork crackling, roast lamb, and the perfect steak respectively. Meanwhile, Alice Zaslavsky beefs up the episode with instructions on just how to carve a roast, and tells you all that you need to know about beef cuts.

Season 1 Episode 4 - Feed An Army

4.0 2 x
Dinner parties can send you into a meltdown, days before your guests have even walked through the door. Matt finds out how to take the stress away with Miguel Maestre’s paella, Adriano Zumbo’s epic chocolate brownies, and Bridgette Hafner’s easy as beef stew. He then catches up with Jemma Whiteman to learn all about essent...

Season 1 Episode 3 - Home Takeaway

3.0 2 x
Christine Manfield, Martin Boetz, and Daniel Wilson show Matt how to create our takeaway favourites in your own kitchen. On the menu - veggie curry, beef stir fry, and burgers. Meanwhile, Alice Zaslavsky shows you how best to store delicious leftovers, and the secret to cooking perfect rice, time after time.

Season 1 Episode 2 - Fit And Healthy

3.0 0 x
What’s not to like about super tasty meals that are healthy, guilt free, and good not just for the hip pocket but also the hips? Matt visits food legend Neil Perry, who creates a super quick and easy pan fried fish.

Season 1 Episode 1 - The Basics

3.0 0 x
Where better to start a series that’s packed full of recipes and tips for cooks of every ability than with the basics? And who better than award winning, columnist, critic, and author Jill Dupleix to show Matt the ropes on how to cook the perfect roast lamb.