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October 8, 2015

Expired 4.0 128 x
Why Me?: A company's CEO, is told off by his wife on the phone. Powerless, he takes it out on his assistant who takes revenge on the secretary who scolds the courier. Once he gets out of the office, the courier spreads his bad mood throughout the whole city. (From Tunisia, in Arabic) (2011).
Episodes 2014

S11 Ep48

Expired 3.0 74 x
The Kingdom Of Doug: A cult gathers in an ice-skating rink to mass suicide. At the eleventh hour a young woman called Josie begins to lose faith in Doug, her charismatic leader. Perception: The story of Crystal. Mother. Daughter. Lover. Stripper. Survivor. Confronting death, Crystal grasps at life and finally faces herself...

S11 Ep47

Expired 3.0 58 x
Poppy: What's so hard about being a cinema projectionist? Rauch Und Spiegel: "A trapeze routine becomes a baffling stage trick, a music box automaton and a mesmerising carousel. Circus meets cinema and sleight-of-hand becomes spectacle. Butterflies: A young artist sits on the sidewalk, struggling to make a living. She mak...

S11 Ep46

Expired 4.0 55 x
The Fence - Set in Villawood Detention Centre in 1992, it is a story of Virak a Cambodia Refugee making a new life in Australia. The Example - Two people. A train station. An unattended Briefcase. Prejudice versus Preservation. In the war on terror, will suspicion and fear win out? Tritch - Set against the backdrop of a sh...

S11 Ep44

Expired 3.0 50 x
The Man Who Could Not Dream: Samuel is 9 years old, he will be remembered as a thief, an arsonist and a murderer. Greg's First Day: Two men in finance try to find themselves in the world after the collapse of the company they work for. Greg, a young man, should be at the beginning of his career, but suddenly he's at the en...

S2014 Ep43

Expired 3.0 52 x
Jack Attack: Jack's favorite babysitter Elizabeth introduces him to the art of pumpkin carving on Halloween night. Nothing will ever be the same. (USA) Necrolovers: Set free by strange female force , a madman manages to escape from a psychiatric hospital. The force guides him up to an old cemetery where he discovers looter...

S2014 Ep42

Expired 3.0 61 x
Rhino Full Throttle: Bruno is making his way through the city searching for its soul. Driven by his curiosity, a challenging imagination and his wild reflection on reality he is lifting the old dusty curtain on the city's crusted perception. (Germany) Feral: A wild boy is found in the woods by a solitary hunter and brought...

S2014 Ep41

Expired 3.0 53 x
I Love Hooligans: Enter the world of a homosexual hooligan. Football is what he lives for. His sexual orientation is a well-kept secret. As a hooligan, his club is everything to him. (Animation) (From Belgium & Netherlands, in Dutch) I Don't Blame the Beautiful Game: A former professional football player describes his expe...

S2014 Ep40

Expired 3.0 55 x
Safe: A woman working as a cashier at an illegal gambling parlor pushes her luck by stealing money from gamblers as a way to pay off her own debts. When one gambler realizes he’s been cheated, he returns with murderous intent and the already dismal situation spirals out of control. Prick: A guy on the pull gets taken for t...

S2014 Ep39

Expired 3.0 50 x
Night Shift: Salote, an airport cleaner starts another long night shift. She keeps her head down, does her job and gleans her survival from what others leave behind. No one would usually spare her a second glance. (New Zealand) The Pub: Kemi lives and works in the murky slipstream of a North London pub. As the booze flows ...