Shut Up Little Man


April 30, 2015

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A cult phenomenon was born in 1987 when two young punks from the American midwest moved into a down-at-heel San Francisco apartment and covertly recorded the vitriolic rants of their neighbours: middle-aged alcoholic roommates Raymond, a raging homophobe, and Peter, a flamboyant gay man. Directed by Matthew Bate. (From the USA in English) (Documentary) (2011) #SBSMovies @SBSMovies

Episode of January 30, 2015

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Episode of January 30, 2015 of Shut Up Little Man was broadcast by ABC1 on Friday 30 January 2015 at 1:05.
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Episode of December 19, 2014

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When two friends tape-recorded the fights of their violently noisy neighbours, they accidentally created one of the world's first 'viral' pop-culture sensations.