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World Cup Comedy 1 01:15

World Cup Comedy 1

3.0 19 x
Video 'World Cup Comedy 1' of the TV-show Sketches was broadcasted by SBS ONE on Saturday 17 October 2015 at 3:34.
Some dreams can come true. 02:50

Some dreams can come true.

3.0 24 x
If you want to play in the big leagues you better make the right choices...
Kollektivet - ÆØÅ (Size Matters)

Kollektivet - ÆØÅ (Size Matters)

3.0 53 x
The Norwegians are constantly getting on trampled on by the USA but they've found one thing they can do bigger and better.
Kollektivet - Identify

Kollektivet - Identify

3.0 56 x
Who do you identify with? Batman? Yeah me too.
Kollektivet - I'm Hiding

Kollektivet - I'm Hiding

3.0 30 x
What the hell is this?
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