Skin Wars

Skin Wars catch up

March 2016

Season 1, episode 1

3.0 136 x
The Naked Canvas. Ten of the country’s best body artists move to Hollywood to battle in an all-or-nothing competition to be crowned the best and most diverse painter of the naked human form.

Season 1, episode 2

3.0 170 x
Now You See Me. The pressure builds as the remaining nine artists must compete in one of the most difficult body painting challenges known - camouflaging their naked model into a background.

Season 1, episode 3

4.0 106 x
Leather and Lace. The body artists must compete in their first partnered competition and a surprise twist makes the challenge of painting clothing on their naked models more emotionally difficult than expected.

Season 1, episode 4

3.0 66 x
Inner Demons. The body artists must reach inside themselves to transform their naked canvases into the most revealing images yet; emotions run hot at the house as one artist is given an extra reason to fear elimination. Guest judge Lynda Carter.

Season 1, episode 5

3.0 108 x
Fact or Myth. The emotion of working on teams is exacerbated by the body artists having to discuss their own teammates’ weaknesses. Then a surprise addition makes the challenge of painting their naked models even more difficult.

Season 1, episode 6

3.0 111 x
All’s Fair. Time is of the essence as the remaining body artists must create beautiful and heroic warriors on an unexpected living canvas and true friends are d again one another in a head-to-head competition.

Season 1, episode 7

4.0 97 x
The Art of Illusion. The four remaining artists must rise to the pinnacle of body painting, creating multi-body illusions; using acrobatic contortionists as models, they are allowed to bend their naked canvases into any shape they desire.

Season 1, episode 8

3.0 73 x
The Artist’s Journey. In the finale episode, the competition to find the first ever Skin Wars champion comes to a close; in the most personal challenge yet, the remaining artists must decide what defines them and convey that to their naked canvases.

Season 1, episode 9

3.0 74 x
Reunion. RuPaul Charles welcomes back all 10 of the contestants from TV’s first-ever body-painting competition. They discuss the most memorable moments and explore the truth behind the biggest showdowns and best relationships.