Smart Secrets Of Great Paintings

November 2016

Ep4 - The Painter's Studio By Courbet

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The Painter's Studio By Courbet - The movie throws us at the heart of the Second Empire. A few years after the revolution of July, 1848. Gustave Courbet offers his vision of the society through a critical realism denouncing the authoritarian power of Napoleon III. (From France, in English) (Documentary) G CC

Ep3 - Les Baigneurs By Seurat

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Les Baigneurs By Seurat - With this work, the painter invents the pointillism and, behind the peaceful banks of the Seine, seizes by his technique the economic and social upheavals of a time which dedicate themselves without Limit in the religion of the progress. (Ep.3) (From France, in English) (Documentary) G CC
October 2016

Ep2 - Las Meninas By Velazquez

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Las Meninas By Velazquez - The painter accumulates the vertiginous reflections and the enigmatic echos on the court of King of Spain Philippe IV and reveals us Europe which questions on the place of the illusion and the reality. (Ep.2) (From France, in English) (Documentary) (class tba) CC

Ep1 - The Money Lender And His Wife By Quentin Metsys

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Quentin Metsys' The Money Lender And His Wife - Combining cutting-edge animation and 3D techniques, this series brings alive masterpieces of classic art and presents each work within a visual time-scale of the period and place they were created. The works and artists are put into sociological and political context with stu...