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Season 1
Chefs Tristan Welch and Cyrus Todiwala are challenged to replicate the marshmallow texture, crumbly biscuit and nonmelting chocolate of a legendary snack, the Wagon Wheel
Two top chefs have just seven days to replicate the secret recipes for two mighty KFC staples, the Zinger Burger and KFC's iconic original recipe chicken.
The Snickers bar has a combination of chocolate, peanuts, caramel and nougat that may sound simple, but two fine-dining chefs are driven to distraction when trying to recreate it.
Fred Sirieix challenges two leading chefs to replicate Quality Street's three most popular sweets - the purple one, a strawberry delight, and a green triangle.
Fred Sirieix challenges chefs Jason Atherton and Francesco Mazzei to make a perfect replica of Domino's pepperoni passion pizza in a contest that soon turns into England vs Italy.
Fred Sirieix challenges two Michelin-starred chefs to recreate Burger King's `Whopper' burger and fries. They also compete to deliver their burgers as quickly as possible.
Two-Michelin-star chef Daniel Clifford from Cambridge's Midsummer House, competes with chef Vivek Singh, from Westminster's Cinnamon Club, to make the perfect replica of a Kitkat.