Some Mothers Do 'ave 'em


Thu 22 Dec, Christmas Special

4.0 6 x
Courtesy of granddad Spencer, who visits from Australia, Frank gets the flying lesson he always craved.

Thu 8 Dec, Christmas special

3.0 6 x
After being fired from his job as a Christmas pixie, Frank receives a letter from the BBC inviting him to appear on a show called ‘Man about the Home’.

Thu 1 Dec, Christmas Special

4.0 8 x
Frank and Betty are looking forward to Christmas, especially the church's nativity play.

Thu 6 Oct, season 1 episode 7

3.0 8 x
Mr Bradshaw, the new manager at the local job centre, attempts to keep Frank - deemed unemployable - in work for at least a week.

Thu 29 Sep, season 1 episode 6

3.0 17 x
Frank comes to the conclusion that he is a failure, and so goes to visit a psychiatrist who does his best to bolster Frank's confidence.
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