Some Mothers Do 'ave 'em


Thu 16 Feb, season 2 episode 4

3.0 5 x
Betty reveals to her shattered husband that he is soon to become a father - he seems a little hazy about his own involvement in the matter.

Sat 11 Feb, season 2 episode 2

4.0 6 x
Betty is determined to help her husband become a success in spite of himself, and she persuades him to take a course in public relations.

Sat 4 Feb, season 2 episode 1

4.0 4 x
Frank attends his RAF reunion, and the hidden story of his short but eventful spell in the service unfolds in flashback - of how the massed forces of the RAF were mobilised to get him out!

Thu 22 Dec, Christmas Special

4.0 7 x
Courtesy of granddad Spencer, who visits from Australia, Frank gets the flying lesson he always craved.

Thu 8 Dec, Christmas special

3.0 7 x
After being fired from his job as a Christmas pixie, Frank receives a letter from the BBC inviting him to appear on a show called ‘Man about the Home’.
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