Four On The Floor

4.0 214 x
Four on The Floor breaks the beat down, and examines the endless experimentation that has taken place at its core, the very bedrock of all music. Charting the progression of the beat from drum and bass to beatbox and beyond.

Sound and Vision

3.0 137 x
Tracking the music video from MTV to the internet, Sound and Vision tells the story of how a one-time marketing tool became a powerful mediator between artist and audience, and illuminates the music video’s role in the popular music of today.

Going Electric

3.0 137 x
Going Electric traces both the chain reaction unleashed by the invention of the electric guitar and the evolution of synthesized music. From Delta blues to Chicago blues to The Rolling Stones & Jimi Hendrix from Stevie Wonder and The Who to EDM

Painting With Sound

3.0 89 x
Video 'Painting With Sound' of the TV-show Soundbreaking was broadcasted by Channel 9 on Wednesday 25 May 2016 at 0:02.

Painting With Sound

3.0 116 x
Episode 2 charts the evolution of multi-track recording, and reveals how recording artists such as the Beatles, the Beach Boys and Pink Floyd used their imagination and ingenuity to transform the sound of popular music.
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