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S5 Ep10 51:50

S5 Ep10

4.0 2 x
The investigation picks up when police find a fingerprint amongst Gabbai's belongings which links to the crime scene of the double murder. But who does the print belong to? Gilou is charged with conspiracy and, in an effort to get him off the hook, Laure goes out of her way to request hel...
S5 Ep11 45:25

S5 Ep11

3.0 13 x
Following the savage attack on Kimberley, the noose tightens around the criminal activities of Karen's girl gang. But as the police start to close in, they strike again. Meanwhile, it's time to find out whether Josephine's audacity has paid off in her defence of Gilou. The Ziani case runs...
S5 Ep12 50:40

S5 Ep12

3.0 2 x
Roban can't stand to see Tarek Ziani elude his charges and tries to bring him down using the Crime Unit's investigation into a luxury vehicle racket. But Gilou's dealings with a prominent police informant threaten the outcome of the operation. Laure's team pulls out all the stops to find ...
S5 Ep2 52:09

S5 Ep2

3.0 2 x
Laure's team manages to track down Stéphane Jaulin, whose lawyer turns out to be Pierre Clément. Clément takes to Jaulin's defence and clashes with Judge Roban, who sees his client as the perfect fit for the crime. Meanwhile, lawyer Josephine Karlsson tries to rebuild her reputation by ta...
S5 Ep3 53:09

S5 Ep3

3.0 2 x
The double murder investigation steers Laure's team towards a group of bank raiders. Laure is not convinced of Jaulin's involvement, but Roban insists that the father has failed to tell the whole truth. In order to impress the commissioner, Herville entrusts Gilou with the job of breaking...
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