December 2020

S8 Ep10

4.0 7 x
On the day of the hold-up, a last-minute change causes chaos. Laure does all she can to save Gilou, even asking for help from Edelman. Josephine manages to get an unaccompanied minor to talk, which also helps solve the case.

S8 Ep5

3.0 6 x
Josephine agrees to defend the mule in exchange for the release of Souleymane, who’s being held by a cocaine dealer known as “l’Alsacien”. Laure’s group is keeping a close watch on her. Edelman replaces Josephine to represent Lola at her rapist’s trial. Gilou is introduced to Cisco’s gang, but Titi is suspicious of him.

S8 Ep6

4.0 5 x
Laure and Ali identify “l’Alsacien” and get to work on a tracking device that was hidden under his car by members of a rival gang. Meanwhile, Gilou takes risks to prove his loyalty to Cisco. He learns that Cisco’s gang plans to hold up one of “l’Alsacien”’s cocaine deals. Laure realises there’s a disturbing connection betw...

S8 Ep7

3.0 5 x
Gilou is instrumental in helping Cisco’s gang acquire some weapons. Laure, who was staking him out, confronts him. Josephine is moved by Edelman’s defence of Lola, who is emancipated for good. Ali, who found out that Titi is the link between Cisco’s gang and the Moroccan minors, is threatened by his informant.

S8 Ep8

4.0 8 x
Laure informs Ali that Gilou has infiltrated Cisco’s gang. To protect him, they’ll need to play for time in their investigation… but the judge orders Titi’s arrest to collect his DNA, and the operation goes badly wrong. Josephine goes to Spain to get Souleymane’s brother, who’s stuck there.

S8 Ep9

3.0 7 x
Just as Joséphine returns to Paris with Youssouf, Souleymane disappears. Judge Vargas, who was in charge of Gilou’s infiltration, decides to cut his losses; with the help of Laure and his ex-colleagues, Gilou is nonetheless determined to see his mission through and solve their investigation…
August 2020

S5 Ep10

4.0 6 x
The investigation picks up when police find a fingerprint amongst Gabbai's belongings which links to the crime scene of the double murder.

S5 Ep11

3.0 3 x
Following the savage attack on Kimberley, the noose tightens around the criminal activities of Karen's girl gang. Meanwhile, it's time to find out whether Josephine's audacity has paid off in her defence of Gilou.

S5 Ep12

3.0 4 x
Roban can't stand to see Tarek Ziani elude his charges and tries to bring him down using the Crime Unit's investigation into a luxury vehicle racket. But Gilou's dealings with a prominent police informant threaten the outcome of the operation.

S5 Ep2

3.0 1 x
Laure's team manages to track down Stephane Jaulin, whose lawyer turns out to be Pierre Clement. Clement takes to Jaulin's defence and clashes with Judge Roban, who sees his client as the perfect fit for the crime. Meanwhile, the police investigation widens to include other possible suspects. Josephine Karlsson succeeds in...