July 2019

Season 4 Episode 10

3.0 0 x
The investigation picks up when police find a fingerprint amongst Gabbai's belongings which links to the crime scene of the double murder. But who does the print belong to? Gilou is charged with conspiracy and, in an effort to get him off the hook, Laure goes out of her way to request help from the most unlikely of quarter...

Season 4 Episode 9

3.0 0 x
Gilou is taken into custody as his team looks on in dismay. Herville clashes with his superiors. The identity of Lucie Jaulin's biological father is finally established. Egged on by Edelman, Josephine defends Tarek Ziani and engages in a power struggle with Roban. The police go ahead with their plan to catch Zacharie Gabba...

Season 4 Episode 8

4.0 0 x
The operation to capture Zacharie Gabbai has failed and he's now on the run. The police decide to set him a trap. Laure looks into the period in which Sandrine Jaulin's parents worked as a foster family, and a troubling history emerges. Carole Mendy requests Roban's help in a case of violent abuse involving a powerful Liby...

Season 4 Episode 7

3.0 0 x
Devastated by Pierre's death, Josephine struggles to keep herself together. Laure's affected, and the two women find common ground in their shared grief. The police investigation into the double murder has uncovered a link between Sandrine Jaulin and Zacharie Gabbai's criminal gang. An operation is launched to catch Zach a...
June 2019

Season 4 Episode 6

3.0 1 x
While pursuing the raiders, police find new evidence which could shift the focus off the double murder investigation. Pierre Clement presses an increasingly inflexible Judge Roban to free his client. Having been successfully represented by Josephine in court, young Laetitia Ribeiro is acquitted and finally leaves prison to...

Season 4 Episode 5

4.0 0 x
Herville strives to endear himself to the police commissioner, who's eager to have a case resolved for positive publicity. Gilou steps in with a daring suggestion that threatens to backfire. Stephane Jaulin finds himself under increasing pressure as number one suspect. In court, Josephine goes head-to-head with the famous ...

S4 Ep4

3.0 0 x
Laure tries to convince Roban that he is mistaken in his pursuit of Jaulin and decides to concentrate on tracking down the raiders, but new evidence emerges which proves damning for Jaulin. Herville piles the pressure on his team to nail the mugging ring, so Gilou proposes an unorthodox alternative. While representing a ci...

S4 Ep3

3.0 3 x
The double murder investigation steers Laure's team towards a group of bank raiders. Laure is not convinced of Jaulin's involvement, but Roban insists that the father has failed to tell the whole truth. In order to impress the commissioner, Herville entrusts Gilou with the job of breaking up a network of muggers. Experts c...

S4 Ep2

3.0 1 x
Laure's team tracks down Stephane Jaulin, whose lawyer turns out to be Pierre Clement. Clement's defence clashes with Judge Roban, who sees his client as the perfect fit for the crime. Meanwhile, the police investigation involves other suspects. Karlsson succeeds in getting back on the case, forming an alliance with Roban,...

S4 Ep1

3.0 2 x
This French television police and legal drama series set in Paris follows the lives and work of police officers, lawyers and judges who work at the Palais de Justice.