Season 2, Episode 26 (Call Scott The Handyman...maybe!)

3.0 21 x
Ten brave Attackers storm the castle of Splatalot. Scott takes up a second job as the castle handyman. While fixing the furnace he accidently opens a portal to another dimension, which leads to some supernatural experiences!

Season 2, Episode 25 (Laundry Day!)

3.0 27 x
It's that time of the year... it's laundry day! The one day in the year that Scott does his laundry - and it leads to some unusual wardrobe choices. Meanwhile, ten new Attackers that love food attack the castle.

Season 2, Episode 24 (Parents & Kids Splatdown)

3.0 18 x
It's a battle for the ages as five teams of courageous parents and kids attack the castle of Splatalot and go up against the dastardly Defenders. Kayne gets abducted by aliens, leaving Scott all alone in the splatproof shack!

Season 2, Episode 23 (Kayne & The Madman!)

3.0 24 x
Ten brave new Attackers storm the castle to lay claim to the crown of Splatalot. But only one can be named King or Queen. The Attackers include ninjas, dragons and contortionists.

Season 2, Episode 22 (Bucket List: Check!)

3.0 14 x
It's a great day for Splats in the kingdom, as ten new Attackers attempt to cross the moat, ditch the dungeon and capture the crown of Splatalot. The Attackers include magicians, skateboarders and snowboarders.
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