September 2014

Series 1 Episode 26 One Joe Wingus/ Poosh And The Quest For The Bargy Parble

Expired 3.0 173 x
Lord Wingus Eternum sees a migrating flock of his people land on the other side of the island and longs to go and visit. / Entre finds out he has a secret word crammed into his DNA that'll make him do anything he's told.

Series 1 Episode 25 Making Wrinkles In Time/ Bite, Shuffle And Moan

Expired 3.0 168 x
Peri and Entre travel back in time to find out why Two-Legs Joe stomps Entre so much. / Patricia orders Peri to rest so he can get better, but Peri would rather be out with Entre and his new double-handled poking stick.

Series 1 Episode 24 Helen/ The Count Of Pinchy Crabbo

Expired 3.0 168 x
Peri and Entre are in a desperate battle - for the hand of the beautiful Helen. /When Peri and Entre get treed by the Wunny Sharbit, Entre constructs a rigid-body straight-wing hang glider and soars away to get help.

Series 1 Episode 23 Yetis Don't Care 'Bout Nothin'!/ Clones Don't Care About Nothin' Either

Expired 3.0 93 x
When Yetis invade the island after Entre crashes it into the Arctic, Entree becomes enamoured of their take-no-prisoners lifestyle and joins their tribe.

Series 1 Episode 22 Jetpackin/ Mole-sters In The Mist

Expired 3.0 96 x
Entre's bored and what's the sure-fire cure for boredom? That's right - a jetpack! Trading his pet crab Harold for Smarty Smarts' jetpack, Entre's soon soaring and looping.

Series 1 Episode 21 Living Help/ Sgt Snuggums

Expired 3.0 140 x
Patricia likes helping, sometimes too much - insisting that she knows how to do things 'right' and that if people just did things her way, the world would be a much better place.

Series 1 Episode 20 Nobody's Cult But Mine/ Stomach On Strike

Expired 3.0 130 x
Looking for his pal Peri, Entre finds a strange pupa instead. When it cracks open, Peri emerges with a glorious set of butterfly wings.

Series 1 Episode 19 Whirrel Call/ Nightmare On Condemned Street

Expired 3.0 113 x
Peri's having terrible nightmares - so terrible that he decides never to sleep again. When that doesn't work, Patricia and Entre use the Doctor's Mark 1 Dreambucket to enter his dream and see if they can help.

Series 1 Episode 18 Follow Your Dreamworms/ Of Masters And Minions

Expired 3.0 175 x
After seeing Patricia struggle with her novel and Joe throw everything into his paintings, Entre's glad he doesn't have any dreams.

Series 1 Episode 17 Pork Chop!/ Same Difference

Expired 3.0 163 x
Entre figures that the fastest way to get respect is to become a crazy kung-fu master and scare everyone into kneeling before him.