Spy In The Wild

April 2017

Episode 4 (Mischief)

4.7 79 x
From delinquent meerkats to thieving penguins, animals misbehave. But they also have a surprising sense of justice. This episode finds out how animals keep order.

Episode 3 (Friendship)

4.3 54 x
Relying on your friends is far from being uniquely human. From wolf society to the surprising partnerships between different species, this episode finds out why cooperation is so important to animals.

Episode 2 (Intelligence)

4.8 104 x
Tools, medicine and drugs can all be found in animal societies. Meet the chimps who throw stones and hunt with spears, the elephants who use branches as fly swats and the lemurs who get intoxicated on the secretions of millipedes.

Episode 1 (Love)

4.0 139 x
From the love and devotion of an elephant family to dancing birds of paradise and flirting polar bears, this episode explores animal emotion in all its forms.