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Squared Zebra

Pasha is having fun and joking, Rodion is reading books. Each one thinks that the other has it easier. Then Checkery suggests the friends exchange places - now Pasha learns to be smart and Rodion is trying to joke.

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Season 1
Everyone wants to have fun on the beach, only monkey Yana doesn't take part in the fun. Polly wants to cheer her up and get her going, but it's just not working.
The animals find a clearing with pretty butterflies, but butterflies fly off. Polly decides, that it's all because of big Rodion.
Polly starts a talent club. She has a list, she check marks everyone on it and doesn't accept the skills she is not aware of. Checkery starts a different talent club, all friends, including Polly, come to this club meeting.
It's Polly's dream to see everyone pretty - she prepared suitable hair styles for her friends. Only the animals don't like those hair styles, each wants to have something of his or her own.
Little Petya can't fall asleep. Each of the friends shows him his or her way of sleeping: Gosha sleeps in the water, Polly sleeps on a pretty soft pillow, fireflies help Yana fall asleep.
The friends divide into two teams and go over to the far off beach: one team runs without noticing anything unusual, the other teams walks in no hurry, studying the road carefully.
The friends get on a banana island and try to think of ways to get saved. Squared zebra doesn't give up and finds a way out.
Zebra Polly gets a package with a pretty set of dishes and invites her friends over. They break the dishes, and Polly asks them to leave.
The friends see a ship out in the sea and want to build the same kind of ship. Only boys think it's not a girls thing to do.
Checkery introduces a rare animal to her friends - the animal is ever so small. Some of the friends are not ready to listen to the little one, but it turns out, that a small animal doesn't really mean silly or uninteresting.
The friends play like they are cars, they move in a chaotic way, and only egg Petya can't be part of the game: he's going to the beach and doesn't know how to cross the road now.
Elephant Rodion wants to dance with his friends, but he's too shy and hides in the jungle.
The animals play a sort of hunting game (hide and seek), only crocodile Gosha doesn't know how to find someone.
Checkery comes over wearing a hat, and no one understands, what this item is for. It turns out, that a hat is multifunctional.
The animals find a bottle in the sea and try to understand what it is - a rustler or a dinger.
It's Zebra Day in the jungle: Polly teaches the animals to be true zebras. Only her friends disagree with her.
It's Polly's dream to have her portrait. Checkery suggests that the friends draw Polly's portrait, but Polly doesn't like their drawings.
The animals go for a walk, everyone gets over a bridge easily, but it turns out, it's a serious obstacle for egg Petya.
It's wet season in the jungle. Despite the weather being bad, Checkery is still happy. But no one wants to get out in the rain and get wet.