Suburban Gangsters


Episode 8 (Nik Radev and Dino Dibra: Catch and Kill Your Own)

4.0 131 x
Dino Dibra was a drug dealer and murderer and Nikolai Radev was a rapist, murderer, extortionist and drug trafficker. The story of two gangsters who dreamt of ruling Melbourne's underworld but in the end were killed by their mates.

Episode 7 (Ray Denning and Jockey Smith: The Fugitives)

4.0 71 x
'Jockey' Smith, "public enemy number one" and Raymond John Denning, an unlikely campaigner for prison reform who then turned into a supergrass. They were armed robbers and murderers who had the dash and cunning to escape from prison.

Episode 6 (Russell Cox and Ray Bennett - The Armed Robbers)

3.0 47 x
Russell Cox was Australia's most famous fugitive and Ray "Chuck" Bennett was the mastermind behind Australia's biggest heist. They were ruthless armed robbers who wouldn't hesitate to kill.

Episode 5 (Mick Sayers and George Freeman: The Gamblers)

4.0 44 x
Freeman was a gambler who believed it was time for a change in the harbour city. Sayers was also a killer, race fixer ,SP Bookmaker and drug dealer, who thought he could take on Sydney's organised crime scene including Freeman, and win.

Episode 4 (Chris Flannery/Alphonse Gangitano: The Sociopaths)

4.0 102 x
Two flashy sociopaths, linked by a love crime and power, a rotting body and the convenient death of a witness. They shared a callous indifference for human life, each man building a brand based around their notoriety for ultra violence.

Episode 3 (Lennie McPherson and Stan Smith: The Team)

3.0 86 x
Two boys from Sydney who were sent to reform schools as petty crooks & emerged as ruthless gangsters, who rose to the top of organised crime in Sydney & remained there for three decades. Smith was McPherson's protégé & his loyal enforcer.

Episode 2 (Chow Hayes and Tilly Devine: The Razor Warriors)

3.0 44 x
Tilly Devine and 'Chow' Hayes were two of the most terrifying crime figures of the 20th Century and veterans of the infamous Razor Gang wars of the 1920s. With hair-trigger tempers, they slashed, bashed and shot their way to notoriety.

Episode 1 (Stewart Regan and Dennis Allen: The Psychos)

4.3 202 x
Dennis Allen was the son of crime Matriarch and the inspiration for the film Animal Kingdom, Kath Pentingill. Stewart Regan was a pimp, rapist, standover man and child murderer. When they both died even the criminal underworld rejoiced.