Surf Patrol

August 2017

Season 3, episode 8

4.0 36 x
At Cronulla an ocean swim is thrown into turmoil when the helicopter spots sharks just 50 metres from swimmers.At Surfers Paradise the patrol team is stretched to the limit.And surfboat action on the Sunshine Coast quickly goes wrong.

Season 3, episode 7

3.0 18 x
A massive search is underway for a shark that attacked a young lifesaver in Sydney.Queensland beaches are battered by wild weather - lifesavers are on high alert in the cyclone ravaged surf. Is too late for one swimmer in Surfers Paradise?

Season 3, episode 6

3.0 24 x
At Avoca lifesavers have to reach a fisherman who was washed off the rocks.In Sydney an unusual fog causes headaches-and the fog lifts to reveal sharks.On the Gold Coast two junior recruits try to save the life of a Japanese tourist.

Season 3, episode 5

3.0 25 x
On the Sunshine Coast 15 year old lifesaver Kristina must save an elderly man in treacherous surf. In Sydney a plague of bluebottles has lifesavers run off their feet.On the Gold Coast a man struggles to save a young boy in a dangerous rip.

Season 3, episode 4

4.0 27 x
At Manly a girl is found with a strange rash and is shivering violently.But why?At Cronulla the beach is closed but swimmers ignore warnings- until a shark is spotted.On the Gold Coast there's another deadly visitor- but not in the surf!

Season 3, episode 3

4.0 19 x
In Queensland the team respond to reports of a peeping tom-in a toilet block near where a teenager has been reported missing.In Sydney a nipper crashes hard. On the Gold Coast a mum becomes a lifesaver to honour her daughter's memory.

Season 3, episode 2

4.0 40 x
At Surfers Paradise the patrol team launches a desperate search for a missing 9 year old girl.In Sydney a teenage girl is dragged from the surf. And on the Gold Coast, lifesavers save an Irish tourist close to drowning in a deadly rip.

Season 3, episode 1

3.0 43 x
At Surfers Paradise lifesavers are faced with a most critical medical emergency.They must call on every reserve of training muscle and skill in a desperate bid to save a life.What transpires is compelling, confronting and heroic.

Season 4, episode 6

4.0 65 x
A young girl collides in the surf with a competitor from the Surf Carnival. A man stung by a blue bottle seems to be having a severe allergic reaction. A girl swimming at Surfers Paradise gets a cut on her eyelid.

Season 4, episode 5

3.0 35 x
A huge storm has rolled in to Surfers Paradise and the swell is causing lifesavers major problems. Elsewhere a swimmer cracks his neck. Lifesavers fear a spinal injury. A man collapses at Manly of a suspected heart attack.