March 2014

Ep6 - Papua New Guinea

3.0 45 x
Papua New Guinea - In the final episode of the season, Les sets out to survive in the jungle of Papua New Guinea. With just a fire starting kit and some food from the locals, along with some rope, an orange trash bag and "A Can Full of Survival" fro...

Ep22 - Australian Outback

3.0 86 x
Australian Outback - Forced to land his ultralight aircraft due to miscalculation in fuel, Survivorman is once again out to endure the elements for seven days in this spectacular locale, the Australia Outback. Its spring "down under" and temperature...

Ep21 - Temagami Hunting

3.0 35 x
Temagami Hunting - Temagami, located in north-eastern Ontario, is home to some of the oldest rocks on the face of the planet, old growth pine forests, clear deep lakes, and it boasts artefacts and stone drawings dating as far back as 6000 B.C. Les a...

Ep20 - Arctic Tundra

3.0 31 x
Arctic Tundra - In the land of the midnight sun, Survivorman heads to the northern tip of Baffin Island. Living here is an exercise in survival. Getting to the base camp takes two days longer than expected due to bad weather and the boats are surrou...

Ep19 - Colorado Rockies

3.0 45 x
Colorado Rockies - Cowboys, the iconic figure of the Wild West and the Colorado Rockies. These seven days finds Les surviving not alone, but with two horses, giving survival a whole new twist. Out for a casual day’s ride, Les and his horses must sur...

Ep18 - Sierra Nevada

3.0 38 x
The Sierra Nevada mountain range in California is a hiker's dream and draws people from all over the world. The only problem is, it's extremely easy to get lost. Les finds himself in the predicament of a lost hiker. Travelling with a typical "day hi...

Ep16 - South Pacific

3.0 39 x
South Pacific - The Cook Islands are situated about as far away from everywhere as you can possibly get; the middle of the South Pacific ocean. This tropical paradise hides some horribly unperceivable dangers including the world's most venomous fish...

Ep17 - Behind The Scenes

3.0 36 x
Behind The Scenes - Catch up on all of Stroud's adventures from season two of Survivorman as we re-live the most exciting moments plus amazing never-before-seen footage and additional survival tips. (From Canada) (Documentary) PG

Ep15 - Alaska

3.0 21 x
Alaska - Lee kayaks into an Alaskan bay as he attempts to survive the harsh conditions of this cold environment, including only four hours of twilight per day. This coastline has the second highest tides in the world and finding high, dry land is fi...

Ep4 - Labrador

3.0 28 x
Labrador - Les journeys into Labrador in the Canadian Maritimes. The scenario: driving a dog sled team almost 100 miles back to civilization in late winter. The supplies: a rifle, a bucket of caribou meat (for the dogs), and for the first time, a se...
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