Survivorman: Ten Days Later

April 2014

Ep4 - Tiburon Part 2

3.0 65 x
Tiburon: Part 2 - Les Stroud is shipwrecked on the desert island of Tiburon. With limited food supplies and no fresh water, Les scavenges to survive on the desert shore. (From Canada) (Documentary) PG

Ep3 - Tiburon Part 1

3.0 65 x
Tiburon: Part 1 - Les Stroud is shipwrecked on the desert island of Tiburon. Part of the Sonoran desert, Tiburon is searing hot in the day and freezing cold at night. The coastline is a barren stretch with no source of freshwater. Les must distill s...

Ep2 - Norway Part 2

3.0 86 x
Norway: Part 2 - Being stranded in the Norwegian mountains will prove to be the most difficult survival expedition of Les Stroud’s 20-year career. With no food or water, no safety or camera crew, Les must haul 65 pounds of camera gear down the slick...
March 2014

Ep1 - Norway Part 1

3.0 72 x
Les Stroud is heading back to some of the most captivating and harshest wilderness areas in the world. Alone, in his classic Survivorman way, Les is taking off with little to no food, water or gear and no safety or camera crew. This time he is off f...
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