April 2016

Mon 18 Apr, season 2 episode 23

3.5 151 x
Luca is charged with manslaughter after he is forced to kill a man who was holding his own wife hostage at gunpoint.

Fri 15 Apr, season 2 episode 22

3.0 43 x
As Hondo fights for his life after being shot while leading an operation, team members Jim Street, Deacon Kay, Dom Luca and TJ McCabe recall earlier experiences with the tough lieutenant.

Thu 14 Apr, season 2 episode 21

4.0 28 x
Explosives are planted in a radio station. The team arrives and when every access is taken out, they have to find some way to get in.

Wed 13 Apr, season 2 episode 20

3.0 32 x
Hondo and a Chinese-American police lieutenant team up to crack a highly organised, heavily armed and deadly drug and protection ring which is terrorising the Chinese community.

Tue 12 Apr, season 2 episode 19

4.0 34 x
A disoriented war veteran taking a tourist ride through a movie studio takes a beautiful star as his prisoner.

Mon 11 Apr, season 2 episode 18

3.0 27 x
Robbers entrench themselves in a girls school adjacent to the bank they plan to hit.

Fri 8 Apr, season 2 episode 17

3.0 29 x
SWAT goes after a gang of misfits who steal vans and attack beautiful women.

Thu 7 Apr, season 2 episode 16

3.0 34 x
SWAT is tasked by the Justice Department with protecting a key witness in a trial against a crime kingpin. The mob pulls out all stops and stoops to new lows to locate and liquidate David Neil.

Wed 6 Apr, season 2 episode 15

3.0 39 x
A woman doctor and her patient plot to steal a half-million in jewels from a socialite who has brought the gems into the hospital where she is undergoing cosmetic surgery.

Tue 5 Apr, season 2 episode 14

3.0 40 x
Hondo and his men pursue a team of thieves and their arsonist accomplice.