Swipe Right For Murder

Swipe Right For Murder catch up

February 2020

Season 1 Episode 3

3.0 63 x
The case of South Carolina mother-of-three Ashley Pegram who was drugged, raped and beaten to death by a man she met on a dating app just a few hours earlier.

Season 1 Episode 2

3.3 110 x
When 29-year-old Australian mum Sharon Siermans called short a date with a man she met online, he later took revenge by beating her to death with a cricket bat.
January 2020

Season 1 Episode 1

3.0 72 x
91 million of us search for love online, but internet dating can be dangerous. With access to the victims' families and police, this series looks at real life love stories that ended in tragedy.
July 2018

S1 E8 - Carly

Expired 4.0 133 x
A look at the murder of 15-year-old Adelaide schoolgirl Carly Ryan by paedophile Garry Newman, who lured her away from her family by creating fake online personas.

S1 E7 - Nicole

Expired 3.0 52 x
When Nicole White went missing after a date with a man she met online, the police later linked him to the remote spot in Washington where her body was found.

S1 E6 - Clare

Expired 4.0 43 x
How the brutal murder of Clare Wood by an-ex boyfriend she had met online led to the rolling out of a new law to protect people against violent partners.
June 2018

S1 E5 - Lorraine

Expired 3.0 59 x
When 62-year-old Lorraine Long from Arizona ended a relationship with a man she had met on an online dating website, he shot her dead in a fit of jealous rage.

S1 E4 - Kayleigh

Expired 4.0 92 x
The disturbing story of the murder of teenager Kayleigh Haywood who was groomed online by a stranger and then brutally raped and killed by an accomplice.