TBL Families

December 2015

Season 10, Episode 39

3.0 185 x
Season 10, Episode 39 of TBL Families was broadcast by Ten on Tuesday 8 December 2015 at 13:37.

Season 2015, Episode 39

3.0 130 x
After weeks of intensive competition and hard work, the glitter cannon fires and Fiona announces the winner for 2015. As well as the prize packet of a life-changing $100,000.

Season 10, Episode 38

3.0 76 x
Emotions are running extra high in the elimination room tonight as both contestants up for elimination are in danger of losing their spot in the finale.

Season 10, Episode 37

3.0 104 x
Trainer Michelle announces that today's last chance training session will be their last ever with all of the trainers. Despite the news, the contestants experience one of the hardest sessions ever.

Season 10, Episode 36

3.0 117 x
The shed your weight challenge sees contestants compete while wearing a backpack containing the amount of weight they have lost during the competition. The winner will secure a place in the finale.
November 2015

Season 10, Episode 35

3.0 66 x
It's the final week and the trainers want to prepare the contestants for facing the outside world. They have prepared a special training session where they will have to face all their old temptations.

Season 10, Episode 34

3.0 142 x
As the eliminated contestants cross the finish line in the super challenge, their knowledge of calories is then put to the test to determine which three contestants will win a place back in the competition.

Season 10, Episode 33

3.0 124 x
It is a rainy day as the eliminated contestants arrive at the sandpit to train hard, however one contestant is not impressed by the conditions and storms out before it has even begun!

Season 10, Episode 32

3.0 101 x
For the first time in the competition, the two contestants up for elimination urge the voters to send them home to save the other. In an emotional climax, a teary vote sends one home.

Season 10, Episode 31

3.0 127 x
The makeovers continue as the eliminated contestants wow the trainers with their stunning new looks. One contestant gets the surprise of their life as their partner asks for their hand in marriage.