Tea And Coffee Trails With Simon Reeve

November 2016

S1 Ep2 - The Coffee Trail

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The Coffee Trail - Adventurer and journalist Simon Reeve heads to Vietnam to uncover the stories behind the nation's morning pick-me-up. While we drink millions of cups of the stuff each week, most people don't actually know where it comes from. Surprisingly it is not Brazil, Colombia or Jamaica, but Vietnam. Eighty per cent of the coffee that people drink in Britain isn't brewed cappuccinos or lattes, but instant coffee, and Vietnam is the biggest supplier. From Hanoi in the north, Simon follo...

Ep1 - The Tea Trail

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The Tea Trail - In this 2-part series, adventurer and journalist Simon Reeve uncovers the stories behind the nation's favourite drinks. While we drink millions of cups of the stuff each day, how many of us know where our tea actually comes from? From Mobassa, Kenya, Simon follows the tea trail, through the epic landscapes of Kenya and Uganda and learns that the industry that supplies our everyday cuppa is not immune to the troubles of the continent - poverty, low wages and child labour. (From t...