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Tech Smart Agriculture

A Queensland avocado packhouse has turned to technology to find a solution to crippling rural labour shortages. Alex the robot, uses artificial intelligence to 'learn' how to do its job better

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Season 2022
Fruit flies are one of Australia's most destructive and costly pests. But a new high-tech trap using the same technology as the fingerprint ID on a smart-phone, promises to reduce chemical use.
Planting trees can help mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. But that's difficult in remote and inaccessible areas. An Australian company is trying to overcome with a drone which could plant up to forty thousand trees a day.
Australian farmers and governments spend a staggering amount of money to kill weeds. The fight relies heavily on chemical use. Queensland scientists are trying to change that. Plus their weapon of choice looks like a gun.
Sophisticated glasshouses protect crops as they allow more precise growing environments. But plants risk missing vital sunlight. There is a possible colourful solution which could also increase yields.