Thai Street Food With David Thompson

September 2020

Ep13 - Modern Bangkok

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In the final episode of Thai Street Food, we look at modern Bangkok and the cosmopolitan city that it has become. David reflects on his journey of Thai food and culture, and what it means to him.
August 2020

Ep12 - Big Night Out!

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The neon lights shine brightly on the bustling streets of Bangkok and the energy is palpable. The end of the day often means letting your hair down and having fun. Starting at the famous Lumpinee Stadium, David talks to the boxers about the art of Muay Thai boxing. Outside the stadium, banana roti is served to hungry patro...

Ep11 - Dtam Sang Stalls

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Bright lights and fresh produce displayed out front will guide you towards a dtam sang stall. Dtam sang in Thai means 'made to order' food stalls or carts. David Thompson hits the night markets introducing us to some of his favourite dtam sang stalls. He also cooks up a few dishes himself, including a quick and easy Tom Yu...

Ep10 - Seafood

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As dawn breaks Thailand’s fisherman are heading back in from their nightly routine with their catches to take to the market. David Thompson gets to the heart of seafood in all its wonders - fresh, dried, fermented and made into paste or sauce, they’re so many wonderful creations that contribute to cooking the perfect dish....

Ep9 - Transitions

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This episode will focus on transitions: that of day to night, of traditional Bangkok to the modern day city and market transformation in surrounding areas. It is an insightful look at how Thailand has changed over the years. David visits a classic Chinese shop to show how some traditions remain and are still viable in toda...

Ep8 - Desserts

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Desserts are considered to be the pinnacle of Thai food. They’re colourful, rich, original and varied in both their presentation and taste. In this episode, David Thompson will celebrate them with a thorough look at how they’ve been made in the past and present, as well as how dessert standards are changing. Part one will ...

Ep7 - Curry

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Curry shops are among the most popular food stalls in Thailand, often with recipes and heritage passed through many generations. David Thompson embarks on a discovery of the most authentic dishes that add to his vast repertoire, and teaches us to make a delicious red catfish curry, one of Thailand's most beloved dishes. We...

Ep6 - Lunch

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Lunch is a pressing, congested affair in Bangkok when hungry workers pour onto the streets in search of quenching their appetite. Street food, though fast, is not yet industrialised and is artisanal in its origin. An array of food is served from curries, noodles, spicy salads and soups. David Thompson takes us on this culi...

Ep5 - Noodles

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From the sophisticated to the simple, noodle dishes are different in every province and in every part of the country. But no matter where they come from, Thai noodles all share a common street food heritage. Chef David Thompson explores the unique history of noodle culture as he takes us to some of his favourite noodle sta...

Ep4 - Communities

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Bangkok is a city of villages that are drawn together by their love of food and eating. Mae Nam Chao Phraya is the most important river in Thailand. Dotted along its banks and canals are various villages and communities - an aggregation of people, history, cuisines and cultures. And the food one can find in each community ...