That '70s Show


Season 1, Episode 1 (Pilot)

3.0 31 x
Eric invites his friends, Kelso, Donna and Hyde, to hang out in the basement. As he attempts to swipe some beers from the party, Eric overhears Red complaining that he can't get a decent offer for his station wagon.

Season 8, Episode 22 (That '70s Finale)

3.0 114 x
It’s December 31st, 1979 and the gang try to find something meaningful to do on the last day of the 70s, before Donna leaves, has yet another circle.

Season 8, Episode 21 (Love Of My Life)

3.0 63 x
For the first time, Hyde wigs out during a circle & decides to quit the stuff. When he starts acting healthy & responsible his friends stage an intervention & get him back on board.

Season 8, Episode 19 (Leaving Home Ain't Easy)

3.0 74 x
Jackie gets even with Fez by putting graffiti all over his car. Bob returns from Florida with plans to move and open a bait shop. Donna complains about her dad selling the house so Randy offers to let her live with him.

Season 8, Episode 20 (Sheer Heart Attack)

3.0 64 x
Jackie is down because Fez is sleeping around. Fortuitously, Fez comes home & announces that he's a one-woman type of guy. Red comes home with news that he doesn’t need his heart pills anymore.
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