The 99


Episode 26 Triad And Triads Part 2

3.0 74 x
The young members of THE 99 face their greatest challenge as they are called upon to rescue their missing team mates. But Rughal's super-villains are now at their strongest, and Rughal's master-plan is all in place.

Episode 25 Triad And Triads Part 1

3.0 43 x
Rughal puts his master-plan into action, and key members of THE 99 begin to disappear. It's a race against time, as there will soon be a solar eclipse, and Rughal must be ready when the skies darken.

Episode 24 Defect

3.0 66 x
Jami the Assembler creates a weapon to fight Sphinx. It's invincible, but it has a serious defect, as the young members of THE 99 soon discover. Rughal together with his team again has finally found a way to defeat THE 99!

Episode 23 Cyclone

3.0 34 x
The 99 protect a village in Bangladesh from a cyclone. They need help from the mysterious inhabitant of a haunted small island nearby. Elsewhere, Rughal finds the key to his survival lies with a sworn enemy.

Episode 22 Roman Rampage

3.0 31 x
Now led by Sphinx, Blackwolf's gang descend on Rome where an ultra-modern experimental armoured vehicle is about to be unveiled. And Rughal's mission to unearth the secrets of the Noor Stones leads him to Baghdad.
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