The 99

December 2013

Episode 26 Triad And Triads Part 2

3.0 113 x
The young members of THE 99 face their greatest challenge as they are called upon to rescue their missing team mates. But Rughal's super-villains are now at their strongest, and Rughal's master-plan is all in place.

Episode 25 Triad And Triads Part 1

3.0 103 x
Rughal puts his master-plan into action, and key members of THE 99 begin to disappear. It's a race against time, as there will soon be a solar eclipse, and Rughal must be ready when the skies darken.

Episode 24 Defect

3.0 113 x
Jami the Assembler creates a weapon to fight Sphinx. It's invincible, but it has a serious defect, as the young members of THE 99 soon discover. Rughal together with his team again has finally found a way to defeat THE 99!

Episode 23 Cyclone

3.0 92 x
The 99 protect a village in Bangladesh from a cyclone. They need help from the mysterious inhabitant of a haunted small island nearby. Elsewhere, Rughal finds the key to his survival lies with a sworn enemy.

Episode 22 Roman Rampage

3.0 71 x
Now led by Sphinx, Blackwolf's gang descend on Rome where an ultra-modern experimental armoured vehicle is about to be unveiled. And Rughal's mission to unearth the secrets of the Noor Stones leads him to Baghdad.

Episode 21 Origins

3.0 80 x
With time running out for him, Rughal knows his only hope for survival lies deep beneath the Seville mansion. But he must persuade Ramzi to help him. And in Hong Kong, THE 99 lay a trap for Blackwolf.

Episode 20 Ice Storm

3.0 70 x
Batina The Hidden discovers Rughal's icy hideaway, unaware that she has led Blackwolf to his old enemy. With Mindo's help, Rughal super-charges Murk, but the process threatens to trigger a global catastrophe!

Episode 19 Return

3.0 76 x
Nawaf returns to his family in Saudi Arabia for a vacation, only to find himself torn between family obligations and his responsibility to THE 99. Learning that Rughal may still be alive, Blackwolf sets off to hunt him down.

Episode 18 A Rock And A Hard Place

3.0 98 x
Rafie The Lifter, one of the youngest members of THE 99, is put to the test when he discovers his cousin, another stone bearer, is working with a gang of criminals.

Episode 17 Siege In Seville

3.0 76 x
With the 99 in Central America, the junior members of the 99 are alone in Seville, with Buran. Blackwolf's gang attack the mansion, but have underestimated the powers of the youngsters.