The Agony Of Life


Season 3, Episode 8

4.0 8 x
Our Aunts & Uncles negotiate the final frontier & on behalf of us all, answer the big questions of life; what are they most proud of, what's their biggest disappointment & is death to be feared or embraced? (Final)

Season 3, Episode 7

3.0 12 x
This week the Aunts and Uncles discuss retirement. They lead us through the change of pace and, with sensitivity and humour, map out what an idyllic retirement might look like.

Season 3, Episode 6

3.0 17 x
The Aunts and Uncles talk careers, and tackle the difficult questions of how to keep your dignity when sacked, reach the top without screwing other people over and surviving a workplace scandal with as much grace as possible.

Season 3, Episode 5

4.0 10 x
Not all of our Aunts and Uncles have children, but each of them has opinions on how children should be raised. This week they discuss all the stuff nobody tells you before you become a parent.

Season 3, Episode 4

4.0 13 x
Our Aunts and Uncles discuss the time they discovered they were now adults. They give us the drum on leaving home for the first time, creating hangover cures, and that inevitable near-death experience.
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