The Amazing Race Australia

Season 2

Season 2, Episode 24

4.0 7 x
In the final leg of The Amazing Race Australia, the teams travel from Sydney, to Canberra and then to up to the Snowy Mountains for the epic race to the finish line.

Which Team Will Win?

4.0 8 x
Get ready for the final episode of The Amazing Race on Sunday at 7:30pm to find out who wins $250,000
Season 2

Season 2, Episode 23

3.0 19 x
In the race to the next Pit Stop, the teams need to muster the courage and embrace their inner performer as they hit the stage singing, dancing and even completing one hell of a Hollywood stunt.

Season 2, Episode 22

3.0 9 x
An ultimate Aussie challenge is the only thing standing in the teams way, as they all must hilariously do an epic shoey out of a women's high heeled boot in the race to the next Pit Stop.

Season 2, Episode 21

3.0 8 x
In their first challenge, the teams are locked up in the Old Dubbo Gaol. To receive their next clue they must plan the ultimate prison break and evade the ever vigilant guards.

Season 2, Episode 20

3.0 18 x
A final nail bitting Road Block forces the teams to walk across a suspended ladder bridge that hangs 80 metres off the ground and into the abyss of the mountains.

Season 2, Episode 19

3.0 16 x
Then in a series of quirky challenges, the teams' patience is tested as completing the peculiar tasks is the only way to reach their next clues in the Race.

Season 2, Episode 18

4.0 41 x
Starting in Hobart, the teams head back in time at the historic town of Ross as they must compete in a gruelling challenge of strength and stamina while shackled and dressed as convicts.

Season 2, Episode 17

4.0 68 x
At the impressive Gordon Dam, the teams must embrace their inner athlete and dunk a basketball into an oversized hoop on the Dam wall in order to receive their next clue in the race.

Season 2, Episode 16

4.0 41 x
For their first challenge, the teams make their way to Australia's first legal casino and take a gamble at building an epic house of cards that must be five storeys high.