The Amazing World Of Gumball


Episode 6 (The Fraud/The Void)

3.0 60 x
When Gumball and Darwin find out that Principal Brown's diploma is fake, Principal Brown becomes determined to keep their discovery a secret./Gumball and Darwin investigate a missing schoolmate.

Episode 9 (The Bumpkin/The Flakers)

3.0 16 x
Envious of his rustic lifestyle, Gumball invites Idaho over to teach the Wattersons how to live like a potato.

Episode 4 (The Phone/The Job)

4.0 15 x
When Gumball and Darwin get their first cell phone, they foolishly give out their number to super-intense Ocho.

Episode 3 (The Flower/The Banana)

3.0 14 x
Gumball gets jealous after Penny is seen hanging out with Leslie. Darwin lends his pen to Banana Joe but, when it comes back chewed, Gumball's thoughts turn to revenge.

Episode 2 (The Fridge/The Remote)

3.0 17 x
When Mom discovers Gumball has no ambition she is determined to turn him into a winner.

Episode 1 (The Knights/The Colossus)

3.0 23 x
Gumball and Tobias compete for Penny's affection by putting on the lamest duel in history.

Episode 20 (The World/The Finale)

4.0 17 x
The amazing world of Elmore is full of inanimate objects that aren't nearly as inanimate as you might hope.

Episode 19 (The Internet/The Plan)

3.0 25 x
Gumball accidentally uploads a video of himself, and then demands The Internet take it down.

Episode 18 (The Tape/The Sweaters)

3.0 28 x
Gumball and Darwin fail to make some instant home-made movie classics.

Ep 17 The Boombox/The Castle

4.5 67 x
Gumball and Darwin try to understand Juke's urgent Beatbox message.