The Bazura Project


Series 1 Episode 6 Fame (Final)

Expired 4.0 36 x
Shannon and Lee explore fame throughout film history, from the earliest movie stars to the most recent celebrity-seekers, and how they've affected what's on screen. CAST: Lee Zachariah, Shannon Marinko

Series 1 Episode 5 Drugs

Expired 3.0 53 x
Shannon and Lee look at drugs in film through the ages, from historical depictions of heroin addicts to cigarettes in the age of political correctness. CAST: Lee Zachariah, Shannon Marinko

Series 1 Episode 4 Profanity

3.0 39 x
Shannon and Lee look at how profanity has been expressed in movies, from made-up swears to the worst of all blasphemy, and instruct you on how best to use profanity in a film.

Series 1 Episode 3 Money

3.0 56 x
Shannon and Lee look at how money influences artistic expression, and teach you how best to create your own successful blockbuster.

Series 1 Episode 2 Sex

3.0 100 x
Shannon and Lee delve into how sex has been explored on the big screen. They look at censorship, metaphor, and how to create your very own sex scene.

Series 1 Episode 1 Violence

3.0 41 x
Join Shannon and Lee as they unearth the obscure, travel to the future, delve into their subconscious, award the un-awardable, and give a comprehensive DIY guide on all things sinful in cinema.
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