The Best Of River Monsters

December 2015

Season 2, Episode 6 (The Deadliest Catfish)

3.0 44 x
No other group of fish has such a diversity of horrors, or has spread so successfully around the world. Jeremy Wade re-lives his most intense encounters as he asks: Why are Catfish so often at the top of the suspect list?

Season 2, Episode 5 (Killer Sharks And Rays)

3.0 32 x
Rivers and lakes can be home to 13-foot sharks, venomous stingrays, and a heavily armed relative - the freshwater sawfish. Jeremy Wade re-lives some of his greatest duels with with these normally sea-dwelling predators.

Season 2, Episode 4 (Untold Stories)

3.0 23 x
In a special edition of the fishing show Jeremy explains how boat crashes, lightning strikes and an unusual offer of marriage have threatened his angling adventures.

Season 2, Episode 3 (The Deadliest Encounter)

3.0 32 x
For angler Jeremy Wade uncovering the truth about freshwater killers is a passion that can spill over into dangerous obsession. He re-lives his close calls, from wrestling Whaler Sharks to wrangling Wolf fish.

Season 2, Episode 2 (Lethal Legends)

3.0 67 x
Do underwater creatures with grasping hands stalk children in Japan, and is a murderous river spirit wreaking havoc on the Zambezi? Jeremy Wade investigates.

Season 2, Episode 1 (Killer Weapons)

3.0 52 x
Jeremy Wade takes a look back some of the killer fish he has encountered in the series and looks at how they catch their prey, and how their bodies are equipped to kill.
June 2015

Series 1 Episode 3

Expired 3.0 28 x
Extreme angler, Jeremy Wade is on the hunt for freshwater fish with a taste for human flesh. Piranhas, alligators, man-eating fish are just some of the river monsters Jeremy encounters in this 'best of' series.

Series 1 Episode 2 The Deadliest

Expired 3.0 39 x
World-class angler and adventurer Jeremy Wade, relives his most heart-stopping encounters with some of the world's deadliest fish.
May 2015

Series 1 Episode 1 Giants

Expired 3.0 49 x
World-class angler Jeremy Wade re-lives his most heart-stopping encounters with some of the world's deadliest, largest and most bizarre fish.
February 2014

Episode 6 The Deadliest Catfish

3.0 85 x
Go behind the scenes with Jeremy Wade as he opens a can of worms to expose what really goes into making River Monsters.