The Big Bang Theory


Episode 17 (The Conference Valuation)

4.0 15 x
When Penny and Bernadette go to San Diego for a pharmaceutical sales convention, Wolowitz is left in charge of the kids; Sheldon finds a book about experimenting on kids.

Episode 16 (The D & D Vortex)

4.0 18 x
The gang uses deception and betrayal to make it to the one open seat at Wil Wheaton's celebrity Dungeons and Dragons game with William Shatner, Joe Manganiello, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Kevin Smith.

Episode 15 (The Donation Oscillation)

4.0 34 x
Penny tries to throw a wrench into Leonard's plan to be a sperm donor for her ex-boyfriend; Wolowitz, Bernadette, Anu and Koothrappali turn Koothrappali's canceled bachelor party into a couple's trip aboard the "vomit comet."

Episode 14 (The Meteorite Manifestation)

4.0 29 x
Sheldon is thrilled to help Bernadette and Wolowitz navigate bureaucratic paperwork, until he discovers they are breaking the law; Leonard is disappointed when his friends exclude him from a scientific project.

Episode 13 (The Confirmation Polarization)

3.0 35 x
Sheldon and Amy are thrilled when their super asymmetry theory is proven by two physicists, until they try to kick Amy off the Nobel nomination; Bernadette has a big success at work.

Episode 12 (The Propagation Proposition)

3.0 20 x
Penny's ex-boyfriend Zack learns that he is infertile, so he asks Leonard for help; Koothrappali attempts to mend things with his ex-fiancee Anu.

Episode 11 (The Paintball Scattering)

4.0 31 x
Penny and Leonard organize a paintball game, which results in mayhem when Sheldon becomes jealous of Amy; Koothrappali catches Anu with her ex-boyfriend; Stuart doesn't want to move in with Denise.

Episode 10 (The VCR Illumination)

4.0 263 x
The world's favourite geeks are back and facing challenges their PHD's and Mensa-fied brains could never prepare them for. From marriage proposals to raising children, the world is a scary place outside the laboratory.
Episodes 2018

Episode 9 (The Citation Negation)

3.0 64 x
Sheldon and Amy are devastated after learning from a Russian paper that Super Asymmetry has already been discovered and disproved; Bernadette wants to beat Howard in a popular video game.

Episode 8 (The Consummation Deviation)

3.0 30 x
Sheldon tries to bond with Amy's father, but when Wolowitz lures Mr. Fowler away with magic tricks, Sheldon has no choice but to bond with Mrs. Fowler; Koothrappali and Anu try to get physical for the first time.