The Big Bang Theory


Ep 7 The Veracity Elasticity

3.0 256 x
Amy lies about repairs being made to her apartment so she can continue living with Sheldon; Leonard lets Penny decorate Sheldon's old room.

Ep 6 The Fetal Kick Catalyst

4.0 183 x
Penny learns there are fans of her performance in "Serial Ape-ist" when she and Leonard attend a Comic Con event; Amy hosts a brunch at Penny's apartment; Wolowitz makes an impulsive purchase.

Ep 5 The Hot Tub Contamination

4.0 130 x
Things do not run smoothly when Amy moves in with Sheldon, and Leonard and Penny have to intervene; Howard and Bernadette find unexpected guests at their house when they decide to cancel their vacation plans.

Ep 4 The Cohabitation Experimentation

3.0 207 x
After her apartment floods, Amy suggests that she and Sheldon move in together; Koothrappali finds out the gender of Howard and Bernadette's baby before they do.

Ep 3 The Dependence Transcendence

4.5 340 x
Sheldon tries to stay awake with an energy drink as the gang races to finish its government project on time; Penny and Amy attend a gathering at Bert the Geologist's house; Koothrappali learns Bernadette's true feeling about her pregnancy.
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