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The Big C

As she fends off both Paul's pleas to revive their marriage and a cancer support group's effort to get her to open up about her illness.

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Season 1
As Cathy embarks on an uncertain summer, she insists that Adam stay home with her instead of attending soccer camp.
A diagnosis of terminal cancer inspires Minneapolis school teacher Cathy Jamison to live life to the fullest for as long as she can.
Marlene's suicide prompts Cathy to embark on a risky treatment as she unexpectedly inherits her late neighbor's house.
As Cathy and Todd head to Canada to try a controversial bee venom cancer cure, Paul moves back home to care for his wife, and Adam grows worried when his mum inserts herself into a fledging romance.
Paul's spontaneous display of solidarity prompts Cathy to seek out a cure for her cancer.
Facing divorce and the loss of her best friend, Cathy looks to make amends with those around her.
Following her island weekend with Lenny, Cathy decides to experiment with Ecstasy, while Paul's excitement over his promotion at work is dimmed after catching his wife with her new boyfriend.
A surprise party for her 43rd birthday leaves Cathy in a quandary over her plans to join Lenny for a weekend getaway in the Bahamas.
Cathy persuades Sean to join her on a trip to surprise their dad on his birthday, leaving Adam and Paul at home for a boys' weekend together.
When a new lump reveals that her cancer is getting worse, Cathy decides to call off her affair with the school's handyman as she looks to reunite her family for an annual charity race.
Catching Adam watching Internet porn prompts Cathy to have sex talks with both him and her students as she looks to reclaim her own sexuality.
As Paul jump-starts his life as a single dad by returning to rugby, Cathy cashes out her retirement account to buy a new sports car.