The Blacklist


Wed 21 Dec, season 4 episode 7

4.2 169 x
Red directs the Task Force to track down an individual who provides new identities to criminals on the run.

Wed 21 Dec, season 4 episode 8

2.0 101 x
Kirk's escape leads Red to offer a cure for his disease in exchange for Liz's freedom.

Wed 14 Dec, season 4 episode 6

4.0 77 x
When Alexander Kirk contracts with a mysterious group that specialises in hacking the world's most secure computer systems, Red and Liz see an opportunity to make a move on Kirk's organisation.

Wed 30 Nov, season 4 episode 5

4.0 104 x
As Liz trails Red to Geneva in search of Kirk, the Task Force goes after a shady organisation that is killing promising inventors to keep their new technologies off the market.

Wed 23 Nov, season 4 episode 4

4.0 106 x
Red sends the Task Force after an eco-terrorist who's creating industrial accidents.
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