The Bureau

June 2020

Season 5 Episode 1

4.0 44 x
The DGSE is unsettled when an article about Malotru’s death in Ukraine gets published. They open an investigation to find out how the Intel got out. The Bureau’s director, JJA, has to handle his secret agents following this leak: César, in Russia, and Mille Sabord, a new agent posted in the Middle East, are particularly up...

Season 5 Episode 10

4.0 71 x
A strange Uzbek tourist who has just settled in Paris finds a weapon left behind by Karlov. Paul believes Karlov was contriving to damage him after he disappeared: he enlists Sisteron’s help in tracking down this suspected “time bomb.” Forced to investigate his girlfriend, Jonas finds damning proof. As Marie-Jeanne continu...

Season 5 Episode 2

3.0 8 x
The Bureau is looking for César after he failed to catch a flight to Riga. Could he have been kidnapped?! Meanwhile, Ellenstein is questioning JJA’s power of judgment. Marie-Jeanne is staying in the Sinai desert with Ramsès, the Egyptian agent: he’s demonic but he’s also her ticket to the sheikh, even though the latter doe...

Season 5 Episode 3

4.0 124 x
Pavel Lebedev starts his job at the FSB. Bakatine, one of the Internal Security agents, is suspicious of him. Getting more and more paranoid about Russia by the day, JJA tries to contact Pavel to assign him a mission. But, discouraged, Lebedev grows closer to Karlov. Sisteron is sent to Cairo to verify whether or not Marie...

Season 5 Episode 4

4.7 106 x
Bakatine’s ongoing investigation of Pavel Lebedev creates conflict with Karlov. Despite his borderline attitude and the fears this arouses in Sisteron, JJA manages to track down the source of the article. Marina helps Mille Sabord prepare the next step in his mission. When he questions her about Paul Lefebvre’s past – the ...

Season 5 Episode 5

4.5 88 x
Nadia and Pavel Lebedev spend some time together in Moscow, with Karlov’s blessing. Marina comes to help Mille Sabord on the ground; he opens up to her again. Pavel provides a file on Karlov but Ponte refuses to endorse his recruitment, fearing it might compromise César’s mission. JJA gets upset. Now, Ponte is also startin...

Season 5 Episode 6

3.0 118 x
Jonas goes to Cairo to strike a deal with the sheikh. Sisteron has to remain discreet as he goes about investigating JJA. César supervises a huge cyber attack on various European institutions; meanwhile, Bakatine continues to probe him. Now The Bureau has a collateral issue to deal with: one of the targets of the cyber att...

Season 5 Episode 7

4.3 165 x
Pavel Lebedev sees Nadia again. Mille Sabord is snooping around more than ever to find out about Malotru’s past, making The Bureau very nervous! JJA orders his extraction but Sisteron thinks such a radical decision is unnecessary. He informs DGSE’s security division. Marina is brought in again. Over in Cairo, Marie-Jeanne’...

Season 5 Episode 8

3.5 139 x
During a paper chase cleverly orchestrated by The Bureau and his friend Pavel Lebedev, Karlov slowly uncovers the vice that’s tightening around him. Ready to recruit Karlov, Lebedev decides unilaterally to organise Nadia’s extraction. This could sabotage the whole operation devised by JJA. The Bureau’s director knows this ...

Season 5 Episode 9

4.0 28 x
Having recently returned to France, Marie-Jeanne is put back in charge of The Bureau. Sisteron, meanwhile, is managing the office responsible for handling Intel from Karlov. Karlov is extracted and sent to France to start a new life. Paul has also been extracted and is now in quarantine, hiding out in a rural setting and t...