The Bureau


Season 3 Episode 1

4.0 56 x
After a high-risk elimination mission, Malotru has been taken hostage by the “Islamic State”. Moved from camp to camp, tortured and weakened, he’s close to despair. In Paris, the DGSE faces a dilemma: should they use all their resources to save Malotru, who betrayed the service, his country and friends when he became a dou...

Season 1 Episode 1

3.0 7 x
The series kicks off with the return of one of the DGSE’s top agents, Guillaume Debailly aka MALOTRU, after a six-year undercover mission in Damascus. Upon his arrival in Paris, Malotru’s department gets hit with a major crisis: CYCLONE, a secret agent operating in Algeria has completely vanished off the grid. DUFLOT, Dire...

Season 1 Episode 10

3.0 10 x
At the DGSE, Sisteron is anxiously waiting for Cyclone’s release over the next few days. Malotru takes a few days off the Cyclone operation – now in the hands of the Action Division – and secretly meets up with the CIA. All the while, Marie-Jeanne starts to worry when she discovers that Marina has been removed from her pla...

Season 1 Episode 2

3.0 19 x
With Cyclone still missing, the Bureau now has to handle the exfiltration of another asset in Algeria. Malotru rekindles his relationship with Nadia, but his guilt and paranoia soon make him question her loyalty. At the same time, the Bureau is cleaning Marina’s record so as not to put her mission or “legend” at risk.

Season 1 Episode 3

4.0 17 x
Malotru decides to test Gherbi’s loyalty by luring him into a trap. Nadia joins in on a mysterious meeting with other Syrians, but her regular “night-outs” soon arouse the suspicion of a Syrian agent, Nadim. Malotru finally confronts Nadia about her lies, demanding to know the true reason of her presence in Paris. In the m...

Season 1 Episode 4

4.0 3 x
At a French-Algerian meeting, Malotru attempts to read the other Algerian officers to find out whether or not they are holding Cyclone in detention. He also discovers that Nadia has been taking part in secret negotiations. Realizing that their affair is putting her life in danger, Malotru restores his legend on his own and...

Season 1 Episode 5

4.0 7 x
When Sisteron goes after Cyclone in Algiers, another agent known as Pigalle reaches out to Malotru with potential Intel about Cyclone. As Malotru struggles to maintain his cover & protect Nadia, he quickly comes face to face with Nadim, who is bent on unmasking his true agenda. Concurrently, the DGSI (General Directorate f...

Season 1 Episode 6

4.0 6 x
While attempting to trade Pigalle’s Intel on Cyclone, Malotru must find a way to uncover the former’s true identity and underlying motive. Still on a mission to unmask Malotru, Nadim locates Prune and starts inquiring about Paul Lefebvre. Malotru gets rid of Nadim, only to realize that he is being followed by Russian agent...

Season 1 Episode 7

4.0 16 x
Kerbouche is finally brought to the DGSE and unveils the truth about Cyclone’s life-or-death situation, which requires immediate action from the Bureau. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs finds out about the secret negotiations. The DGSE sets out to recruit Nadia as a new asset, but Marie-Jeanne, doubtful about Ma...

Season 1 Episode 8

4.0 11 x
The DGSE recruits Lefkir’s secretary to plant a tracking device on him. In the meantime, devastated by Malotru’s revelations, Nadia cannot set out to betray her country and refuses to join the DGSE. Her emotional breakdown allows Nadim to lend her a sympathetic ear and surreptitiously get her confession. At the Paris Insti...