The Business: Summer Series

Season 2020

Season 2020, Episode 223

3.0 6 x
In 2020, Australia hit the grim milestone of one million people out of work, the government went on the front foot with an unprecedented stimulus program but is it enough to soften what could be the cruellest legacy of COVID.

Season 2020, Episode 227

3.0 5 x
Sour grapes over China's allegations of wine dumping, going all the way to the cellar door for nervous Aussie winemakers. Plus the deepening chill with China, Beijing weaponise trade but it won't pull the trigger on iron ore.

Season 2020, Episode 222

4.0 9 x
Financial markets suffer their worst fall in two years as the virus ends the longest bull run in stock market history. Plus the wild ride for investors to end the financial year as markets start defying gravity.

Season 2020, Episode 221

4.0 14 x
In the big corporate news of 2020, Virgin goes down 20 years after the collapse of Ansett. Plus millions of breaches including pedophile payments and money laundering: Westpac slapped with the biggest company fine in history.

Season 2020, Episode 225

4.0 4 x
Empty buses, cancellations and travel bans, the multi-billion dollar tourism industry was scorched by bushfires and then came coronavirus. Plus travel agents left out in the cold just when we might need them more than ever.

Season 2020, Episode 220

4.0 6 x
The Business looks back on 2020 and the Recession Economy. A budget surplus in doubt as the coronavirus, fire and drought batter the bottom line, plus the RBA's $100 billion lever to get the economy moving again.

Season 2020, Episode 226

3.0 4 x
Thirty years after the recession Australia 'had to have', we take look at the lessons learned for the pandemic-induced recession of 2020. Presented by Elysse Morgan.

Season 2020, Episode 224

3.0 21 x
COVID impacted some things we thought would never change including working from home, what does it mean for office space post-pandemic. Plus couch potato or elite professional, e-sports athletes compete from their loungeroom.