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July 2016
Members of the Richmond Tigers join the team to provide indepth analysis of the Senate count and remind everyone that sport is more important than politics. (Final)
June 2016
Andrew Bolt explains his views on race relations to a group of Syrian refugees while sailing a catamaran around Sydney Harbour in the ABC's latest politics/lifestyle crossover program, The Chaser's Election Desk.
Delta Goodrem & The Voice judges stormed parliament this week after a contentious decision went in favour of the Madden Brothers. Catch up on the latest analysis of constitutional law with The Chaser's Election Desk.
Harold Holt and Kevin Rudd join The Chaser's Election Desk this week for a forum on Australia's foreign policy. Mandarin with English subtitles. Frequent coarse language.
Westeros. Daenerys Targaryen. Dragons. White Walkers. The Night's Watch. The Starks. Tyrion Lannister. Now we've got your attention, here's The Chaser's Election Desk.